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Chertsey KT16

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The Trauma and Orthopaedic department would like to appoint highly motivated full time Trust Grade SHO to work at Ashford & St Peters Hospital.

The Trust Grade Doctor will need to cover the Orthopaedic Wards. They will work closely with the sisters and Nursing staff in the Adult Orthopaedic Wards, and Childrens wards. They will also work in Intensive Care, in close association with the Nursing Staff and Anaesthetics, who combine with the Orthopaedic Team in the management of seriously ill patients. They have direct dealings with other clinical colleagues who help to look after the Orthopaedic patients, such as Care of the Elderly, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and Social Workers.

The post holder will work at both Ashford & St Peters Hospital and will provide a comprehensive Orthopaedic Service to the people of Surrey.

1. The Trust Grade Doctor will need to cover Orthopaedic Wards.

2. Admitting emergency / cold Trauma cases when on duty. Should also arrange their emergency surgery, either that same day or on the next emergency trauma list. The on-call Consultant’s initials should be written on the top of all notes for reference.

3. Admitting and discharging patients to and from the Day Ward.

4. Attending the Pre-Operative Assessment Clinic. All patients coming up for elective surgery are reviewed in the Pre-Operative Assessment Clinic or a few weeks before surgery. At least one SHO/Trust Grade Doctor will join the team in evaluating these patients. They will arrange for them to have the necessary pre-operative investigation, such as blood and urine test, ECG’s, Chest X-rays etc. It may be necessary to refer the patients to the Anaesthetists or Physicians for assessment of fitness before surgery.


The Orthopaedic Department is closely involved in computerised audit and the clinical management of patients. For this to run properly, the Trust Grade Doctor clerking the patients, and assisting at their operating, must fill in the standard audit form, at the same time as the operation notes. If the audit is completed correctly, by the time the patient leaves Hospital, this information will also be retained for the monthly Audit Meeting.

Ashford and St. Peters Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust serves a population of more than 410,000 people living in North-West Surrey, parts of Hounslow and beyond.

Over 3,700 highly trained doctors, nurses, midwives, therapists, healthcare scientists and other support staff make up our workforce, providing a wide range of services across our two hospital sites, Ashford, Ashford, Surrey and St Peter’s, Chertsey, Surrey.

We also run many specialist clinics in the community and local community hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

Our vision is to be one of the best healthcare Trusts in the country. There has never been a better time to join us in the NHS at Ashford & St Peters Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust with our strong commitment to staff health and wellbeing. We are committed to providing continuous professional development, staff benefits and flexibility to shape our workforce around our patient care.

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The successful candidate will be a crucial part of the healthcare team, primarily stationed on Swan Ward while occasionally extending their expertise to patients in Heron and Falcon Ward. These wards cater to a diverse patient population, all of whom are under the specialized care of either orthopaedic or orthogeriatric consultants. The candidate will work closely with experienced orthogeriatricians, receiving valuable guidance and mentorship to provide comprehensive medical coverage.

A significant aspect of this position involves supporting the junior members of the orthopaedic team. By offering medical expertise and guidance, the candidate will ensure the timely and effective management of various medical issues that patients may face during their stay. This involves not only the technical aspects of medical care but also effective communication with patients’ families, providing them with the necessary information and reassurance.

Furthermore, active participation in discharge planning alongside the wider Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) is a key responsibility. This collaborative approach ensures that patients receive well-coordinated and holistic care, not just within the hospital but also upon their transition back to their homes or other care facilities. The candidate will play a vital role in facilitating this smooth transition, addressing the medical, emotional, and logistical aspects of each patient’s journey.

In addition to the clinical responsibilities, this role offers exciting opportunities for educational and teaching activities. The candidate will have the chance to impart knowledge and expertise to both medical professionals and students, contributing to the growth and development of the healthcare community. Moreover, the department places a strong emphasis on research, quality improvement, and publications. The successful candidate is actively encouraged to engage with these activities. In doing so, they will have the opportunity to contribute to the advancement of medical knowledge, participate in quality enhancement initiatives, and share their insights and findings with the broader medical community. This involvement not only enriches the candidate’s professional experience but also contributes significantly to the overall progress and innovation within the field of healthcare.

Overall, this role offers a comprehensive and enriching experience, combining clinical expertise, educational opportunities, and active involvement in research and quality improvement efforts. The candidate will be an integral part of a dynamic and forward-thinking healthcare team, making meaningful contributions to patient care, education, and the advancement of medical knowledge.

The successful applicant is expected to partake in administrative duties and participate in the organisation of the professional training programme, lectures, and teaching for junior and nursing staff in General Medicine.

Study Leave and Training:
There is a regular Tuesday lunchtime educational session for SAMS.
An opportunity to attend appropriate study leave days is available with an appropriate budget.

Please refer to the vacancy job description for further details of what the duties of Trust Grade SHO in T&O involve.

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